In 1995, the Willington, Connecticut PTA made a decision to increase the effectiveness of its scholarship effort by evolving its standing Scholarship Committee into a separate local chapter of Scholarship America, a national network of community scholarship foundations which raise funds and offer financial assistance to local students pursuing postsecondary education.  By affiliating with Scholarship America the new Willington Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars gained access to a wide variety of resources and services.  One major benefit of the association is collegiate partnership arrangements with colleges, universities, and other accredited postsecondary institutions to maximize the effectiveness of local scholarships, including providing matching funds to scholarship recipients.





The creation of the WSFDFS also allowed for the establishment of permanent endowment funds to support scholarships for Willington students continuing their education beyond high school.  Endowment funds consist of monies set aside permanently and invested for the purpose of earning interest to be used toward scholarships.