Sixteen deserving Willington seniors received scholarships from the Willington Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars in 2013!

2013 Scholarship Award Recipients, from left to right:  Tristan Bock-Hughes, Giulia Bambara, Christopher Raymond, Abigail Firmin, Gina Sinsigallo, Melissa Higley, Christine LaCroix, Aimee Blauvelt, Sarah Swart, Mary Zalewa, Wei Jia Ma, Austin Kosicky (Willington Hill Fire Department Scholarship recipient)and Joshua Furman. Not pictured: Miranda Clifone, Nathan Baker, Gabe Rodriguez, and Ryan Seery 

Named Awards

Ethan Baker

Willington Scholarship Foundation Endowment Award

Joshua Furman

Chris Emond Memorial Scholarship

Melissa Higley

Willington PTA Scholarship

Ryan Seery

The Stafford Lions Thomas Borovicka Memorial Scholarship

Giulia Bambara

The Friends of Hall School Music and Drama Scholarship 


Willington Scholarship Foundation Awards 

Giulia Bambara

Abigail Firmin

Gabriel Rodriguez

Aimee Blauvelt

Christine LaCroix

Gina Sinsigallo

Tristan Bock-Hughes

Wei Jia Ma

Sarah Swart

Miranda Clifone

Christopher Raymond

Mary Zalewa