In June 2016, the Willington Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars took great pleasure in awarding our first-ever renewable scholarship!  The deserving recipient, Annalise Halle, is a student at Eastern CT State University.  Annalise is majoring in biology and hopes to become a veterinarian.  As long as she remains a student in good standing as verified by her university, she will receive a portion of the scholarship in each of her Sophomore, Junior and Senior years.

 In her thank you note she wrote:

"I have started volunteering at a local veterinary center and absolutely love working with the animals and learning hands-on skills.  Thank you for your support, and I am honored to have received the scholarship.  It is a tremendous contribution toward my education."

The Board hopes that this renewable scholarship is the first of many that we will award in the coming years, as the community continues to support our local students so generously.