The Connecticut Water company has shared two scholarship opportunities for high school seniors, one from the New England Chapter of the National Association of Water Companies and one from the Connecticut Water Works Association.  There are academic requirements of a GPA of 3.0, and preference will be given to applicants who are actively pursuing an approved course of study at an accredited higher education institution directly related to drinking water, water engineering, environmental studies or waste water.  The applicants for the Connecticut Water Works award must be children or dependents of CT Section AWWA members, so it not open to the general student population.

Please follow the links below to access the scholarship details and forms, which must be printed out and mailed to the appropriate addresses.

For the $1,500 scholarship from the New England Chapter National Association of Water Companies, click:

NAWC Scholarship

For the scholarship from the Connecticut Water Works Association, click:

CWWA Scholarship

The deadlines for applying are February 15 and March 16, 2018, respectively, which are approaching fast.  Please work hard in your pursuit of scholarships!