Applying for a WSFDFS Scholarship

You will need to complete the Student Profile on the Willington Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars (WSFDFS) website. Note that the form, provided by the national Dollars for Scholars, is extensive. Please don't let it intimidate you, as there is only a limited amount of information required for our local Willington Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars 2023 awards. While all other information is optional; including it may help you match to other scholarship opportunities available through the national organization. 

The instructions are outlined below.

Accessing the application form and entering your profile information:


• Click Students & Parents.

• Click Click to Login.

• To create an account, click the hyperlink, "Don't have an account yet? Create one here."

• To log into an existing account, type your USERID and password in the login box. (Note that you can start it and then save it to come back later to complete it.)

Creating a new account:

1. Identify and choose your high-school. (Pro Tip: Type in Edwin if you are attending E.O. Smith).

2. Fill in basic information (Note that ** are the required fields) and click Submit.

3. Once you have successfully submitted your data, you will receive an email from Scholarship America with a log-in link and a temporary password.

4. Use the links and temporary password in the email to get more information and/or log in to complete your application. (Note that one of the links takes you to documentation on filling out your application.)

5. Create your own password and click Save Password. 6. Correct or update any of the basic information and click Save and Continue. Your dashboard appears.

Building your profile:

• On your dashboard, click Work on Profile and begin filling out your profile.

• You can move through the document either by clicking on the Save and Continue button on each page or by clicking on the options in the left-hand menu. Note that green lettering indicates a section is complete.

• You will only need to fill out a minimal amount of information (** required fields) to be eligible for Willington Scholarship Foundation 2022 awards. Below are the fields the Willington Scholarship Foundation considers.

Required Fields                                                            Notes

Current Grade Level                                                    You must be a Senior in High School in Spring 2023
Birth date
Eligibility for free lunch                                                  To be considered for our financial need-based awards
Eligibility for Pell Grants                                                To be considered for our financial need-based awards
Parental consent                                                           Required only if you are not yet 16 years old
Guidance Counselor Name                                          To automatically contact your counselor to get your transcripts
Counselor Email Address
Transcript and GPA                                                      Your GPA will be verified by your Guidance Counselor
Intended/Current Major 1                                             To determine if you match to specific awards
Activities                                                                       To determine if you match to specific awards
FAFSA EFC/ Total Family Income                                To be considered for our financial need-based awards

No other information is required for the Willington Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars awards; however, you may be prompted to fill out other fields as well, especially if you are applying for one of the financial need scholarships. Also, the more complete you make your profile, the greater chance you have to match national Scholarship America opportunities for which you may be eligible.

Completing your application:

Once you've entered all the necessary information in your profile, make sure to:

• Click on Save and Look for Scholarships (or click the My Scholarships option in the left-hand menu on your dashboard). As long as you are either 16 or we have received parental consent, the scholarships for which you are eligible appear.
• Follow instructions under Scholarship Applications Ready to Complete and be sure to answer any questions that may be associated with specific scholarships.
• Click (1) Apply and then (2) Confirm on each scholarship for which you are eligible.
• Check back before March 15th: Occasionally, a new scholarship may be added during the scholarship season, so it's worth checking to see if you get matched to any other scholarships.

Having technical problems?

Click the grey Support button in the lower left of the screen to get technical support (such as no available scholarships appearing for you).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or call Theresa Salisbury at 860 916-4817or Chopeta Lyons at 860-429-9594.

Good Luck!


Willington Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars Parental Consent
If you are under the age of 16, your parents' consent is required. Consent can be granted on-line through the Willington Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars website, or by completing the form below and emailing a copy to You can also send the form via land mail at:

Willington Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars
P.O. Box 194
Willington, CT 06279


I grant consent for my child, _____________________________________________, to apply for Willington Scholarship Foundation scholarships.

Parent Name:

Parent Signature: