The Willington Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars (WSFDFS)

Willington, Connecticut     


Across the nation, Scholarship America's programs -- including Dollars for Scholars -- have given out $3 billion to 2 million students since our founding 50 years ago.

In Willington, our chapter has made a big impact on the lives of students as well. Since 1995 our residents and businesses have shown the importance of recognizing student excellence by helping the WSFDFS to provide more than $215,000 to 319 students.

Our students have attended a wide variety of 2- and 4-year public and private schools including Manchester Community College, Gateway, Three Rivers, Columbia, Brown, Harvard, Eastern Connecticut, Central Connecticut, UCONN, University of Massachusetts, University of Maine, University of Vermont, Vassar, Bucknell, Middlebury and as far away as the University of Texas.

Students from our small community of Willington have majored in programs to pursue careers in such diverse areas as education, nursing, allied health, engineering, journalism, culinary arts, aviation, genetic engineering, anthropology, and music.

One of our initiatives is to find out what our alumni are doing now. We have been trying to contact them through emails and Facebook and during our annual Memorial Day Weekend Town Fair, called Willington Day. We have heard from a few, including students who are working as a park ranger, an archeologist, as an associate editor at W.W. Norton and Company, as a commercial pilot and flight instructor and an opera singer who also manages a partnership farm. We would love to hear from more, so if you are an alumnus or know one, please contact us and let us tell your story.

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